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Testing Faith

Our work with African communities over the past 12 months has been motivated by the very high late diagnosis rates within Black African and Caribbean populations. NAZ looked towards creating a new discourse with Faith Leaders to become part of the HIV care continuum. Supported by the British Association of Sexual Health and HIV (BASHH) and with funding from the Elton John Aids Foundation, we created the Testing Faith Programme (TF).

TF is a multi-disciplinary initiative which brings together faith leaders, sexual health practitioners, religious organisations and People Living with HIV (PLHIV). The course has been designed and is led by expert positive people of faith, there are three parts to the course:

Step 1: Two day taught course

Step 2: Sexual Health Promotion

Step 3: HIV Testing

Testing Faith is run in partnership with other sexual health agencies across the country.

Call Christabel Kunda for more information 0208 834 0238 or email [email protected]

“The testing faith programme has changed my perspective and perception of HIV. I thought it is a non-Muslim disease. I didn’t understand how it affects us, and didn’t really know that many Muslims are suffering from the virus and need support…..it was like a huge slap in my face.’ I feel like a hypocrite for not helping people with HIV get the right advice and treatment they need’. In my opinion the project should be called ‘Saving Lives’…because if you look at the long-run that’s what it does – it saves lives.’ I feel like it is my duty now to spread the word and encourage people in Muslim communities to wake up to the realities of our society and to encourage more Muslims to get tested and if they are HIV positive, to get treatment and support”.