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Policy and Thinking

Challenging and Pioneering New Policy

 There is a significant gap between the sexual health outcomes of the general population and BAME communities.

In addition to our programmatic work improving sexual health equality, NAZ addresses these sexual health inequalities through influencing policy and practice. We promote the needs of our communities to the government, health providers and other Third Sector organisations with the aim of sharing best practice and ensuring appropriate service provision


In order to achieve change, we undertake research to provide an evidence base to influence policy, contribute to policy consultations on sexual health matters and carry out service evaluations. We also work with other organisations to better meet the needs of the communities we serve.



Our policy priorities are:


to ensure the sexual health needs of all BAME communities are met

combating HIV-related stigma and homophobia

ensuring access to Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) for everyone at high risk, including those from BAME communities

full access to culturally and linguistically appropriate support services for people living with HIV

supporting the meaningful involvement of BAME people living with HIV and their communities in all stages of the policy cycle


Sibling Voices

The Sibling Voices Network is a newly formed policy network made up of ten members based across the UK, Belgium and Portugal.  All the network members provide services to minority ethnic communities through a variety of sexual health promotion activities as well as HIV prevention, care and support interventions. The policy network aims to represent the voices of minority ethnic communities in order to influence sexual health and HIV policy.

Sibling Voices also supports BAME individuals living with HIV to undertake participatory research projects on an HIV-related issue they feel is important to the wellbeing of their community.  


Policy Consultations

We respond to policy consultations to ensure the needs of the communities we serve are taken into account in policy.



NAZ regularly presents its work at national and international conferences.