Naz Men

NAZ Men, is a dedicated service for Black men who are sexually attracted to other men (MSM), or Gay. We support African, African-Caribbean, Black British, or from any other Black community, including people of dual and mixed heritage.

NAZ creates an open space where men can come to for help, information and advice or simply to meet other men from their backgrounds. With a culturally sensitive approach, we promote sexual health including HIV, while focusing on how external factors such as faith, community and identity may impact on your everyday life in the UK.

NAZ offers help and information face-to-face, over the phone and via email. We can help you with:

  • Sexual health and HIV testing
  • Living with HIV
    • Access to treatment
    • Your treatment options
    • Disclosure
  • Language or cultural barriers
  • Coming to terms with sexuality, family issues around sexuality
  • Relationship issues, starting a family
  • Immigration or asylum issues
  • Benefits and finance, housing / homeless
  • Drugs and alcohol related issues

What support do we provide?

  • 1-to-1 Casework and support work on any of the issues above
  • Peer support group and other empowering social spaces for Black MSM
  • Counselling
  • HIV testing, care and support and advocacy

For more information, please call Vernal, our Black MSM health coordinator on 020 8834 0255 or email

NAZ provides culturally tailored information directly to the Black MSM community. If you have a related event that could benefit from outreach work, please contact Vernal on 020 8834 0255 or email


NAZ as lead agency in a 3 years major Sexual Health promotion programme is along with Race Equality Foundation, GMFA and London Friend Antidote who have come together to form The Rise Partnership. Rise provides HIV Prevention and Sexual Health services to Black African & Caribbean...