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Joyful Noise Choir

Let your voice be heard

Joyful Noise Choir (JNC) is a choir of people living with HIV. The choir membership consists of people of multi-ethnic, faith, gender and sexual orientation
– a truly inclusive and inspirational collective.


all faiths

all genders

any orientation

Since its inception in September 2013, JNC has had over 150 participants sign up and has a regular performing group of around 30 people.  

It is open to all people living with HIV and acts as a way to reduce isolation, encourage social participation, and to create a sense of community. It has developed into one of the most vibrant services for positive people across London.



Each week for 2 and a half hours choir members explore different aspects of musicality. These will include:

  • breath control
  • expression
  • voice control
  • vocal blending
  • vocal dynamics
  • exploring harmonies
  • singing with a band
  • interactive singing
  • singing rhythmically

By exploring these different aspects we connect with the emotion of the song through use of their own personal narratives.

I feel so proud to have joined the JNC. In the rehearsal room we cry, laugh and support each other, when one is down we lift them up.

The choir has really bonded us as people living with HIV and a big family. The choir has changed my life for the better and given me the confidence to stand up in front of hundreds of people and sing and be part of a visible HIV positive group.

I have started volunteering and now work as the Choir Administrator which is a role I feel blessed to do. I love JNC and think it should be prescribed on the NHS.

🧡🧡🧡🧡And FINALLY, on behalf of NAZ and the nOSCARS planning team, we'd like to wish you a v Merry Xmas, 🎄Happy holidays🏝️, Chag Sameach✨ and a very Happy New year!🎉🎇 See you at #nOSCARS2020! 🧡🧡🧡🧡

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To find out how to join, please contact us below.

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