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Chief Executive Officer

Marion Wadibia

Marion Wadibia began her career with Independent Magazine. In 2000, she moved to the Charities Aids Foundation (CAF) where she worked on developing corporate giving programmes and within the International department. In 2009, Marion joined ACA Institute, as Deputy Director. She became CEO of NAZ in June 2012.

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Executive Director of Programmes

Parminder Sekhon

Parminder has been working at NAZ since 1996. She has worked in many different roles during this time including Women’s Sexual Health Worker and HIV Client Support Services Manager. She set up KISS, the South Asian lesbian and bisexual women’s peer support group in 1996, it is the longest serving group for women at NAZ. Parminder is part of the Senior Management Team at NAZ.

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Finance Manager

Mohamed Jaseem

Mohamed is Finance Manager. He is an accounting professional who has almost 10 years of experience in charity finance. He is a part qualified CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountant) and is currently studying towards Strategic Level of CIMA.

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Operations Manager

Kim Hawkins

Kim joined NAZ in 1999. He started as NAZ’ Volunteer Coordinator, and has worked in a variety of roles. He now has responsibility for Operations and supports business development and the training programme for new volunteers. Kim has a PHD from Bristol University and is part of the Senior Management Team at NAZ.

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HIV Support and African Communities’ Services Manager

Christabel Kunda

Christabel joined NAZ in August 2013 and is the Manager of HIV Client Services; she has dual responsibility for the NAZ African Communities portfolio. Prior to joining NAZ Christabel worked for the African Health Policy Network and the Terrence Higgins Trust. Christabel is part of the senior management team at NAZ.

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Policy and Research Officer (Maternity Cover)

Zahra Jamal

Zahra joined the policy and research team at NAZ in February 2015 after completing an MSc in public health and health promotion. Prior to coming to NAZ, Zahra worked on the UK Stigma Index 2015 survey with Public Health England and for the Stop Smoking Service at Surrey County Council. Zahra is part of the senior management team at NAZ.

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Communications Manager Web Editor

Joseph Adesunloye

Joseph Adesunloye joined NAZ in 2014. He has been responsible for designing and managing all of the NAZ’s websites. Joseph works part time with NAZ. He is also founder and Director of Dreamcoat Productions a multimedia agency specializing in cross UK- pan African communications.

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NAZ Latina Co-ordinator

Carlos Corredor

Carlos joined NAZ in 2000. He is responsible for outreach, campaigns and support interventions to the Latin American Community. Carlos is an active campaigner fighting for the recognition of the Latin American community to be recognised as an ethnic minority within the UK.

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TB Project Coordinator

Munira Elmi

Munira joined NAZ in January 2014 as a Sexual Health Promotion
Volunteer and is now the Tuberculosis (TB) Projects Coordinator. She coordinates the new NAZ TB Awareness Raising. Projects in the boroughs of Enfield and Haringey. Munira has a back ground in Politics, study at
Royal Holloway and SOAS, University of London.

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Tuberculosis (TB) Officer

Alisha Youngblood

Alisha joined NAZ in May 2014 after a year of volunteering. She is the Tuberculosis (TB) Officer. Alisha is also the recipient of the 2014 NOSCAR for her
role as Community Health Champion (Haringey). Prior to joining NAZ Alisha worked with ex-offenders at the Koestler Trust.

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NAZ Vidas Co-ordinator

Jose Resinente

Jose Resinente joined NAZ in 2003. He has responsibility for NAZ Vidas, the NAZ outreach and support service for Portuguese speaking communities. He holds a Master degree in Public Health from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and is currently undertaking a PhD study at the University of Nottingham to research Brazilian Sex Workers in the UK.

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Black African Outreach Co-ordinator for Hounslow

Rebecca Mbewe

Rebecca Mbewe, originally from Zambia, came to England in 1995 where she settled in a career in legal administration for 14 years before resigning in 2009 to explore other opportunities resulting in her return to full time education and graduating with a BSc in Psychology in 2012.

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Counselling Coordinator

Manolee Yadave

Manolee joined NAZ in 2014 as Counselling Coordinator. Manolee is a psychosexual psychotherapist with an academic background in psychology. She was a member of the organising committee for the World Sexual Health Association. Manolee is currently the Chair of the Sheffield Society for the Study of Sexuality and Relationships. She is COSRT accredited and UKCP registered.

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Policy and Research Officer (Maternity Leave)

Ivana Paccoud

Ivana joined NAZ in March 2012. She holds and MSc in Health and Social Policy.. Before joining NAZ, she worked in various charities. In Macedonia, she worked at H.O.P.S which promotes the rights and supports the wellbeing of individuals with substance abuse issues and at Open Society Foundation on a project that aimed to reduce the discrimination faced by Roma in the Macedonian health care system.

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Muslim Communities HIV services Co-ordinator

Khaiser Khan

Khaiser has worked in the HIV sector for 20 years, working for organisations such as West London Counselling Service, River House Trust, Positive Parenting Children as a P/T Practice Manager and working with their Family Support Services. He has worked extensively in nursing, social work and within children and disability services. Khaiser has headed up the Muslim HIV Support Service at Naz since 2001. Three years ago he launched the Muslims in the City peer support group for Muslims living with HIV and the group now has over 100 active members. He currently heads up the Muslim Testing Faith programme. Khaiser is passionate about advocacy and support and is a trained Rapid HIV tester.

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