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Man On

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MANON Is our flagship online men’s magazine platform for BAME Gay, Bi and other MSM (Men who have Sex with Men). MAN ON is segmented into specific pages for the constituent communities

Brazilian MSM had the second highest share of HIV diagnoses between 2007-11, accounting for 7% of all new MSM infections

Our targeted demographics are Asian, BAME, Caribbean, Hispanic speaking; South American and Portuguese speaking; South American and BAME. MAN ON is geared as a lifestyle magazine space with content extending to News, Legal; covering LGBT issues, the law and rights. We also provide up to date HIV, testing and treatment information.


The project is a national, online information hub carefully tailored to meet the needs of BAME MSM and healthcare professionals working with BAME MSM. Designed as a reliable and extensive source of information surrounding different areas of sexual health. MAN ON helps to raise awareness of the benefits of HIV testing, treatment options.